Web Store Videos

These short presentations offer bite-size insights into using Customer Focus STORE websites.

How to customize the Inquiry & Order confirmation emails
How to add a chat feature to your webstore
How to add attributes to your products
How to embed a YouTube video
How to add Text Attributes to a Product
Overall Layout
Sell Price Control
Suppliers & Categories 
eCommerce Setup 
An Introduction to STORE and My Pages - Course 4.1.1
How to login to the manage & edit section
How to add a page to your store
How to add/edit text on a page

How to add a picture to a page

How to add a link to a page
How to change the site color scheme
SEO on the main site
SEO on the pages
Changing company details
Adding a tab to the home page
Changing/Adding a banner
Editing the overall layout
Adding a link to an image
Repointing your Domain with Go Daddy
Adding more search options
Adding 301 Redirects