Here's how to add Product Attributes to your STORE website in a step by step guide:

Log In to your website. 



Step 1: From the Home page, click ‘Products’ then 'Attribute Groups'.



Step 2: Click the ‘New Attribute Group’ Link.



Step 3: Enter in a Group Title or ‘Category name’ and order you want the new attribute to be displayed.  Then click Save Group Information.



Step 4: Re-enter the Group by clicking ‘Edit”.

Step 5: You can now add a specific attribute title, order and price.


Step 6: From the toolbar click “ Products then ‘Find a Product’.

(adding pricing is optional from this screen)



Step 7: Click on the product to edit it.


Step 8: Click ‘Edit Product Details.


Step 9: Click the ‘Pricing tab.


Step 10: Select ‘Add Product Attribute’.


Step 11: Find the attribute option you entered from Step 3.


Step 12: Click Select.


Step 13: You can now add pricing to your new attribute.


Step 15: Click ‘Check/Save Product.