• Adding different Modules to your STORE

To add a module on your Trade Only STORE, follow the instructions below:


Click on the module you would like to add to your STORE by clicking on the drop-down menu and click Insert Module.









There are different modules you are able to add to your STORE:

Banners: Banners lets you add an image to the top of your STORE. You can add campaigns for your products here as well.








Bookmarks: Selecting a Bookmark gives you a link to a page on the front page of your website.




Brand-on-Demand Box: This box adds the feature of uploading your logos onto the website. This would let the customers be able to see how your logo will look on the products.



Featured Products: This module shows a selection of high-quality or items on sale to your customers.













Form: You can add different forms to your STORE website. You can select from an Inquiry, Test, Survey or More Information forms from the box.





 Google Map: You can insert a map into your STORE website.


Product List: This module inserts the Product List that features all of your products.

Search Box: You can add a search box for your customers to search a particular item.


Special Offer Products: This module is useful for promotions and sales on products that you would like featured.

Text Box/HTML Block: Inserting a text box will add a box for you to enter in any data you wish to be featured on any page of the website.






User Box: You can add your user login or account menu here.


Virtual Catalogue Link: You have the opportunity to link your virtual product catalog to your website.