Here's how to edit a page on your STORE website in a step by step guide:

Step 1: Log into your management section.




Step 2: Hover over the 'Pages' tab, then select 'My Pages'




Step 3: Select the page you wish to edit, then select 'Contents'





Step 4: Locate the Module you wish to edit then click the pencil icon.





Step 5: You have several options. 'Contents' allow you to add text and (jpeg, GIF, and PNG) images to the module. 'Options' allows you to change the name of the

module, add an HTML ID and set HTML class. 'Cancel' will take you back to the 'Overall Layout' with the previous changes un-saved. 'Draft' lets you save your

content, but it will not be seen when the page is published. 'Save' will make the changes available for publishing.


Step 6: You have a set of tools which allow you to edit, upload and link the text and/or images you add to the module.



Step 7: Once those images are uploaded click 'Save" then 'Publish'.