How to set up Decorator Methods that can be applied to blank good products on your website.

Step 1: From the management area, select Decoration Methods from the Products dropdown located on the navigation menu at the top of the page.



Step 2: Click on New Decoration Method, to add decoration method, quanities and pricing.



Step 3: Fill in the following information: Description, choose Print Description (Screen or Embroidery), choose Supplier, fill in quanities and pricing for the run charges associated with the decoration, type in Setup (if there is a charge for setup), select Supplier for the setup, key in the cost and sell price for the setup. Click Save Changes.


Note: If you have additional quantities, click the blue plus within the pricing grid. This will open an additional row for you to enter additional quanity breaks.



Step 4: Check the box "This Store Uses Decorator matrix" and Click Save Options to apply and save the decorator methods that you added.



 Step 5: From the front end of your site, select a product that is plain stock. (i.e. K500).



Step 6: Click on product



Step 7: You will see the additional charges for the decoration to the right of the product image.




Step 8: