Classroom Training Agenda

Here's what's covered in our free masterclass training program:

Day One (VISION)

VISION Introduction 9:00AM

Logging In

Administrative – Company Settings

System Settings – Codes, Phrases, Marketing Tags, Terms & Conditions



Customer Relationship Management 9:30AM


Adding/Editing Customers/Vendors

Customer Record: Notes and Activities

Customer Order History, Applying Logos


Product Research 10:30AM

Featured Products, Preferred Vendors

Virtual Sampling/My Logos, Keyword & Filter Search

Using the Clipboard


Comfort Break / Refreshments 11:00AM


Projects/Presentations 11:30PM

Create/Edit Project

Create Presentation

Edit Product

Design View, Send & Follow Up


Quotes and Sales Orders 12:30PM

Edit Product, Additional Costs

Separator Line, Quick Product Add


Purchase Orders and Invoicing: 1:30PM


Training finishes approx. 2:00PM  

Day Two (Mostly STORE)

VISION Customization 9:00AM

Sale Price Controls

Decoration Methods, Decorator Matrix

Adding Products / My Products


Creating Company Stores 9:30AM

Login and Administration

General Settings


Customizing Websites 10:00AM

Overall Style, Layout, colors

Adding and Editing Modules

Supplier / Categories / Products


Comfort Break / Refreshments 11:00AM


Adding & Editing Pages 11:30AM


More pages = more leads!


Links and Images 12:00PM


Banners, Text / HTML blocks, and Photo Albums


Social Media 12:30PM


eCommerce 1:00PM

Settings, Management and Customer Experience


Search Engine Optimization 1:30PM


Training finishes approx. 2:00PM


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