Step 1: From the 'Fincancials' dropdown, go to 'Receivables' and then into 'Receive Payment/Deposit'.

















Step 2: From the Receivables Overview screen, select the 'New Payment' button.

Edit Layout & Contents










Step 3: From this screen, you will select your customer, choose the Date Paid and enter the Payment Method.  You can then enter a Payment Ref. and Comment, both are optional.  Next enter the amount in the 'Deposit/Payment' field and make sure to check the 'Allow On Account' checkbox in the lower right.  Once you have entered your details, click the 'Post Payment' button.

On Account - Apply Payment












Step 4: You will then be returned to the 'Recievables Overview' screen where you can see your On Account payment.

Flickr Gallery integration





Step 5: When applying a payment, if you check the box that says 'Apply to payment' on the upper left, the on account funds will be applied as a payment.  Then click 'Post Payment'.

Flickr Gallery example