Here's how to add a Product to your STORE website in a step by step guide:



 Step 1: Log into your STORE website



Step 2: Select New Product from the Products dropdown, located on the navigation toolbar at the top of the screen.




Step 3: Update all (required) fields in the 'Details' Tab




Step 3: Select the Category you want the product to fall under. Go to Step 2:



Step 4: Add your Colors, then go to step 3: Customization



Step 5: Select your Customization Method and Position. Then go to step 4: Pricing



Step 6: Select your pricing, add additional costs, and any price/size variations. Then go to Step 7: Images




Step 7: Select 'choose file' and find the product image on your system. Click Upload.





Step 9: Check the ‘Publish Button’ and ‘Click Check/Save Product’


Step 10: Click View This Product.